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How does mindfulness help with anxiety? 


The last 25 years of research have proven that mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques and gratitude practices can effectively lower our heart rate. By training ourselves with these practices we can learn  to emotionally regulate, find calm and to touch joy. We will also be able to build resilience, be creative and problem solve. This can often negate the need for medication as we are tapping into the bodies natural pharmacy.

How do you know if your child is suffering from anxiety? 

Children can have worries from time to time, it's when these worries become about

everything all of the time, then it's time to seek professional help.

 A generalised anxiety disorder  needs to be diagnosed by a professional. 

Mild anxiety can be alleviated by practicing mindfulness. 


 "Calm minds are brilliant minds".

Mindfulness can lower the stress hormones allowing us to think clearly and act intelligently.


Here  are some easy and effective techniques for anxiety.



"Prevention is better than cure"

There is  much we can do early on to develop the skills needed to find calm, emotionally regulate and build resilience. The Rainbow 🌈  frog  🐸  book and Mindfulness program has been designed to  entrain young minds to be able to deal with difficult situations by learning simple mindfulness practices in a joyful and engaging way.


The beautifully illustrated storybook will engage children in the practice of sitting still.  Learning to relax by focusing on the breath and then letting go of troubling thoughts and feelings. There is a beautiful gratitude practice and then it's time to use their imagination as they visit the stars and planets during a guided visualisation, ending with the discovery of

The Rainbow 🌈  Frog  🐸. Finally there is a song to sing, a lullaby.

The Rainbow 🌈  Frog 🐸  Story and Activity Book 

  • “It’s easy just to sit and focus on your breath a little bit, the troubles of the day just easily away with magic in this place and a big smile on your face”.

  • Come on a journey and find out how Froggy becomes the Rainbow 🌈 Frog 🐸.  In this beautifully illustrated story the reader is introduced to  gentle mindfulness practices.

  • These are designed to help build resilience, find calm, practice gratitude and kindness , foster imagination and to touch joy .

  • The activity pages following the story are specially written guides explaining the practices and offer the ability to expand and deepens the practices, making the book suitable for preschoolers through primary school aged children, and beyond.


"The Rainbow 🌈  Frog  🐸  Book Mindfulness program"

Examples of the Mindfulness Activity Guides  click here    

Links to the original music and songs. Click here

Watch the music videos and sing along click here





"I believe every child has the right to feel safe"

My mission is to pass on the tried and true  techniques that have helped me and so many others to overcome anxiety / depression  / trauma and learning difficulties, so that  children everywhere will be able  to feel calm,  build resilience and to touch joy through mindfulness music and movement. 

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