The Rainbow Frog Book

“It’s just so easy to sit, and focus on your breath, a little bit. The troubles of the day, drift easily away, with magic in its place, and a big smile on your face.” -come on a journey with The Rainbow Frog, who will show you a way to feel calmer and happier each and every day, with simple Mindfulness practices, Guided meditations, Relaxing Music, Story and Song. Suitable for the young and the young at heart. Written by Cindy-Anne Macdonald Illustrated by @Daria DiCieli. The Rainbow Frog Book is a gentle introduction to Mindfulness. It is a beautiful simple story about a day in the life of a frog. Our Froggie practices Mindfulness as he reflects upon his day. The reader can follow along, learning how to sit still like a frog, focus on the breath, letting go of troubles, and practicing gratitude . There is a guided meditation to the stars and planets, and a way to experience kindness and the joy of belonging. The supplemental guide at the back of the book helps to deepen the practices. There are online Audio guides plus music and songs to sing. 

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Thank you. Cindy-Anne Macdonald

💕🌈🐸 P.S Scroll down to listen to the lullaby "May the longtime sun"

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Author Bio

If your child or a child you know is suffering from anxiety and or depression, having the tools to help them could really change their life and those around them for the better.

As a child growing up in the 70’s when anxiety, depression and trauma were largely hidden away, I was a sufferer and I had no help or acknowledgment of my conditions. I suffered in silence and fell behind at school. This then lead to more difficulties in my teenage years and into my early adult life.

My searching for answers to these problems led me to meditation. The techniques I’ve learned and practiced for many years now have helped me to find calm and to easily touch joy. By learning to calm and focus my mind I am able to access my higher intelligence and creativity and easily problem solve.

It has even helped save my life.

As a Teacher and Meditation leader I have developed my own Mindfulness programs and resources to give all children access to these life changing techniques through their teachers, parents and caregivers. The Rainbow Frog Book is available now.

Cindy-Anne Macdonald is Musical Alchemist, Meditation leader and Author. Her mission is to ensure every child has access to mindfulness tools to overcome adversity & touch joy. Cindy-Anne creates and provides classes,  programs and resources to help teach children and adults to build resilience and touch joy , through Mindfulness, Music and Movement.

                “Heal the hurt, Feel the Joy, Create a better world.”