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Cindy-Anne Macdonald 

Musical Alchemist / Teacher / Author


My story

I have had the pleasure of  teaching Adults and children music and singing over the past 20 years. Recently I have seen the need for more integration of mindfulness skills into everyday life to deal with the increased stressors in our lives.

I spent many decades studying human behaviour, psychology, yoga  meditation practices, and music. After completing a Diploma in mindfulness and Rainbow kids Yoga training I really wanted  to develop a program to help give all children access to the tried and true techniques that have helped so many.  I have found that  Mindfulness, Music and Movement are a perfect combination of fun and effective tools to help us grow, heal and achieve peace and harmony in our lives. I believe that the The Rainbow Frog Mindfulness program and resources has something to offer everyone who takes the journey.

The inspiration for the book came from a guided meditation I made up at the end of one of my classes to help the children with relaxation. As I wrote it down it came out as a poem, to which I thought "this could be a book". From there I followed the idea and  engaged  Daria DiCieli, who is a talented watercolor artist  and designer to work with me on the project.  I was so excited to hear her response to my story and ideas and this encouraged me greatly.  Seeing the pages come alive with so much beautiful colour has been such a joy. We both share the same desire to bring peace and joy into the world. I see her beautiful spirit,  infused in the illustrations.  The self publishing journey has been challenging and it has taken 3 years to complete. There is more to be done as I believe this book and program including the songs could be perfect for classrooms and early learning centres. I am looking forward to sharing the program and potential outcomes with teachers through PD sessions, as well as offering classes for childrens and caregivers. I am excited about finishing the songs for the album and hearing the children sing them.

There is a  second book coming  which I will  begin working on  next year. Watch this space !

"All children have the right to feel safe,

and have access to the resources they need to thrive in life"


"My mission is to create and educate through mindfulness music and movement so that together we can create a better world."