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I began my musical journey at a young age. Singing, song writing and poetry  being my passions. I started teaching singing in 1997 and found I love it so much I haven’t stopped. I extended this to choir conducting, early childhood music and sound meditation. The last 25 years teaching adults and children have been an absolute joy. In more recent years  I have seen an increased need for mindfulness to be taught and regularly practised as a necessary skill to help alleviate the increasing stressors in these uncertain times.


Alongside teaching, I have spent decades studying human behaviour, psychology, yoga, meditation and or course music. I have composed and cowritten many songs with uplifting lyrics, because music and songs program our minds and my goal is to influence young minds in a positive way. These songs are a great way to infuse the  and reinforce the positive messages  that mindfulness teaches.


After completing a Diploma in Mindfulness and the  Rainbow Kids Yoga training I really wanted  to develop my own program to give all children access to the tried-and-true techniques that have helped so many. 

The program I have created is a  combination of mindfulness, music and movement activities designed to make learning fun fun,  help children relax, regulate their emotions, build resilience, practise gratitude, kindness and to touch joy.


The inspiration came for writing The Rainbow Frog Book after I had written down a guided meditation  I  spontaneously came up with for one of my children’s music classes to help them with relaxation. As I wrote it down it became a poem. I then thought,  “This could be a book.”  So I  decided to engage  Daria DiCieli, a talented watercolour artist  and designer, to work with me on the project.  I was so excited to hear her response to my story and ideas. This encouraged me greatly.  Seeing the pages come alive, with such beautiful colourful illustrations, has been such a joy. We both share the same desire to bring peace, beauty and joy into the World. I see Daria’s beautiful spirit,  infused in the illustrations.  


The Rainbow Frog Book is such a joyful way to introduce and teach mindfulness to young children in classrooms and preschool settings as well as in the home. It is particularly helpful for those children experiencing anxiety and learning differences or difficulties and their teachers or caregivers. 


My mission is to create and educate through mindfulness, music and movement, so  that together we can create a better world for all our children who have the right to feel safe, and have access to all of the resources they need to thrive in life.

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