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Cindy-Anne Macdonald 

Musical Alchemist / Teacher / Author


My story

In my early childhood I experienced trauma, which led to anxiety and depression. Growing up in the 70’s  these conditions were largely hidden away. I suffered in silence, and fell behind at school.

At age 18 I met a teacher who shared information that would enable me to turn my life around. I  started practicing mindfulness / meditation and started combining my new learnings with my musical ability and developed a powerful transformation tool   "Musical Alchemy".

Practicing Mindfulness has helped me to overcome anxiety and depression. Meditation practices help me to access my higher intelligence and creativity. This has enabled me to change my predominant mental attitude to one of positivity and possibility.

Continuing the journey of self development and healing helped me to  discover my superpower,  by finding the gift in my trauma experience. This was from a skill I developed in order to keep myself safe.

The gift is  "Clairaudience". It means clear hearing, it is the ability to hear sounds that are mostly inaudible to others. For me it means I am able to listen deeply to others. Tune in to spiritual guidance. I have  a very good auditory memory,  and it has even helped to through a near death experience.

Through teaching Adults and children over the past 20 years I have seen the need for more integration of mindfulness skills into everyday life to deal with the increased stressors in our lives.

After completing a Diploma in mindfulness and Rainbow kids Yoga training I started to develop The Rainbow Frog Mindfulness program and resources to help give all children access to the tried and true tools and techniques . I have been soo grateful to work with Daria DiCieli, who is a talented water-colour artist  and designer. Seeing the pages come alive with so much beautiful colour has been such a joy. We both share the same desire to bring peace and joy into the world. I see her beautiful spirit,  infused in the illustrations.  

I spent many decades studying human behaviour, psychology, yoga  meditation practices, and music. I have found that a combination of Mindfulness, Music and Movement can help us heal, grow and achieve peace and harmony in our lives. I believe that the Rainbow Frog Book and program has something to offer everyone who takes the journey.

I believe all children have the right to feel safe.

My mission is to create and educate through mindfulness music and movement so that together we can create a better world.