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"Lily is obsessed"

Sandy Andrews

Lily is my 18month old granddaughter. I gave her the Rainbow Frog book for Christmas after showing her this video forwarded by a friend. She loves the book! Her Mum says she is obsessed! She keeps saying 'frog' until we find it and read it to her. She enjoyed the video on the TV today apparently!! She is a bit puzzled by the melting frog, but says 'jump' for the jumping picture and we like counting the butterflies.

Thank you so much Cindy-Anne Macdonald for The Rainbow Frog! 

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In a World of rapid change and challenges, The Rainbow Frog Book is a delightful resource for young children and a most pleasant experience for those older reading it. Cindy-Anne Macdonald has produced an insightful interactive practical guide to engage children in mindfulness exercises to escape the worries of the day by focussing on being connected to the present and create a sense of belonging.

As a Childhood Educator and Lecturer with over 30 years experience working with students, children and their families, I believe mindfulness skills should be an essential part of every child's education.

The Rainbow Frog Book narrative, beautiful illustrations, original songs, video and parent/teacher guides, make for a perfect introduction to help children reduce anxiety, handle difficult emotions or recover from trauma. With a variety of fun activities and songs promised for downloading to follow, this is a perfect 'all round' resource for those interested in supporting children to be confident and grounded adults.

Helen Massey AdDipChildServ.

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The Rainbow Frog book is a beautiful, colourful and delightful book with resources for educators and parents to help their students/children reduce anxiety, by learning how to understand their bodies and cope with everyday stresses and emotions. Mindfulness is a wonderful way for children to understand the world around them and learning to breathe and understand their own feelings and that of their own peers is a wonderful gift.  Students with additional needs would benefit from this program in classrooms to help them regulate their emotions. It would be wonderful to see this across the school and as part of our Inter-reception Program for the Junior Primary classes. Cindy-Anne has a wonderful gift and is able to bring this to those around her. With this book she can now open this up to anyone who wants to bring calmness into the lives of their children. 

Wendy Keddie Education Support Officer DECD

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The Rainbow Frog Book is a very uplifting and super relaxing book by the wonderful Cindy-Anne Macdonald!   While you breathe, imagine and sing, you and your children will learn here about peace, kindness and inclusiveness and how to imbibe and share it from the inside out so that our community and our world (inside and out) are a better place for all of us to live in.


Gopala Amir Yaffa | Co-Founder & Wizard

Providing life-changing yoga education around the world

While making it a better place for future generations |

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