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Sitting still like a frog

Our froggy practises sitting still so he can watch the bugs and choose which one he will eat. He is very clever at choosing the right time to stick out his tongue and catch his dinner. He has to concentrate and so he practises every day.

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Focus on the breath

Breath is life. Focusing on our breath can slow our heart rate and relax our bodies. This in turn can calm our minds, helping us to concentrate and think  more clearly.

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Blowing our troubles away

This exercise helps us to let go of unpleasant thoughts or feelings so we can feel lighter, happier and more relaxed.

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Creative Visualisation

Learning how to visualise is a skill of concentration and using the imagination. These skills help us to create, problem solve,  and build resilience.

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Gratitude practice

Gratitude is the key is to accessing the joy that already lives within us. 

Taking time out to practise gratitude helps the Rainbow Frog to feel peaceful and calm. You can do this too

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Pass the bells

It takes practice and

co-operation to pass the bells quietly. This helps us practise patience and kindness.

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Below is a summery of the guides in the book. Audio versions are available in the shop


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